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College roommates, Mike McGinn and Jeff Wilkins, formed McGinn-Wilkins Automation (MWA) more than 20 years ago. What began locally as a controls systems integrator primarily for the Baking and Food Production industries has grown into an enterprise level automation innovator for a variety of industries all over the world.

Today, we specialize in factory automation designing, building, and implementing machinery. From turn-key solutions to creating systems that do not yet exist, MWA will automate your production with 21st Century technology.

MWA also develops custom applications such as power monitoring, centralized data collection from new and existing machinery, and provides remote access that allows our technology specialists offsite connectivity and 24/7 troubleshooting capabilities.

Our production facility in Athens, Georgia includes an UL508A Certified Panel Shop and a well-equipped test area for simulating most applications.  An extensive current and legacy spare parts inventory is maintained with next day delivery available.

Why Choose MWA?

versatilityVersatility and Customization

Every MWA project is adapted for each customer utilizing a dynamic approach from design to implementation.



Over fifty years of combined experience developing complex packaging applications that utilize servo technology to not only enhance efficiency, but also minimize cost.


Complete Integration

MWA provides every customer a multifaceted approach to solve all their industrial automation needs, from packaging robotics to complete line and systems integration with real time production data.

Milestones in Packaging & Automation Software Development

  • First Ever Rockwell SERCOS Machine – Vertical Bagger
  • Developed First Rockwell SERCOS Flow Wrapper using Kinetix Drives
  • All Indramat SERCOS Flow Wrapper – Member of Development Team
  • Developed Pacific Scientific & Sanyo Denki
    Control SERCOS Flow Wrapper
  • High-speed, Multi-axis Servo Tray Loaders –
  • Developed over 15 different types
  • Developed a Multi-station Row Removal System
  • with Automatic Re-feed System
  • Rockwell’s RSView Machine Edition –
  • Developed a Multitude of Operator Interface Applications
  • Developed Innovative Product Tracking and Data Gathering Methods
  • Visual Basic Operator Interface
    • Global on-the-fly Multiple Language Support
    • Dynamic Parameter Assignments
    • Dynamic Text Updating
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MWA Industrial Automation

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